Monday, October 6, 2008

We're Helping the Uninsured

Sadly, there are an estimated 47 million uninsured Americans out there...many of whom cannot afford basic medical care that would prevent deadly diseases. is committed to help these Americans in need. We just added a "Free Clinic Search" where visitors can find organizations providing basic medical care in their area. Read more about our free clinic search.... Or search for free clinics in your area now.

A word of caution: please contact the clinic before you visit them. Their resources are limited and often have restricted hours, services and always have income limitations.

If you're a free clinic administrator and your facility is missing from our data base, you may submit it for free. We'll also give you a free premium home page to help promote your services.

If you're not in need, please consider donating to a clinic in your area. Our favorite: the Cabrini Clinic of Detroit.

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