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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nursing Home Tours

An important step in selecting a nursing home is taking a tour of the facility. A tour is a great opportunity to see everything the home has to offer and determine if it meets your needs. To help prepare our users, WheretoFindCare.com has compiled a list of tips for conducting a tour:

1. Ask to see the latest inspection report. If any corrections needed to be made, ask if they have been made and what was done to correct them.
2. Interview patients, family, and staff. Ask how satisfied they are with the nursing home.
3. Inquire about languages. Communication with a patient is important. Ask what the primary spoken language is and if any other languages can be accommodated, for example sign language.
...To see the whole list, visit: What to look for in an onsite tour?

Share your experience with us. Do you have any tips or advice for conducting a nursing home tour?


  1. Ask if the nursing home allows pets in the building. My mom was in a nursing home for a short term stay. I was allowed to bring her dog in for short visits once a week. It made all the difference in the world!

  2. Some places have live-in pets. I worked at a couple of nursing homes in the past. I've seen birds, fish, bunnies, and even a cat. Most of the time the pets are in a common room. But I've also seen smaller pets, like birds, in the resident's rooms.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the pets. My dad is allergic to cats. I didn't think to ask them about that.

  4. check out whether private or semi-private rooms are offered at the facility

  5. Also check out if there are shared bathrooms or shower areas

  6. The hospitals tell you that your mom or dad has 100 days of Medicare coverage. What they don't tell you is that things can cut short your time on Medicare in a hurry. Like mom or dad turning down rehab services three times or getting to a point when they are not making progress. Then they come off Medicare in a hurry and you're scrambling for a way to take care of your mom or dad in the home or the nursing home.

  7. Check out the call lights that are on when you are doing a tour. See how long it takes for them to be answered.