Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can we do a better job of showing our appreciation for Health Care workers?

Yesterday, I was at several stores, including GameStop where I overheard over and over again the gratitude for store clerks assisting gamers in finding their software and supplies. While I did not see a problem with this, they welcomed you when you walked in the store, gave you insight, and left you to make the final decision, it struck me in contrast to the lack of verbal praise that I heard throughout several health care encounters over the past few months. We send (at least I do) appreciative gifts to our children's teachers at Christmas time, we remember to tip our newspaper carrier on a regular basis, but do we thank our physician, nurse, physical therapist or anyone at the end of each interfaces with us for helping us through our health issues?

Last month, I thanked my daughter's labor room delivery nurse with a big hug and a statement of appreciation saying "You were great! I never knew labor nurses did all the work up to the actual delivery! Thank You for all that you do!" I saw the look of suprise in her face from getting such praise - and upon reflection wondered if health encounters on an everyday basis show any sign of consumer appreciation as in the GameStop example.

In my experience, health care workers are phenomenal people - they are always willing to help you both inside and outside of work with health related issues. Please remember to Thank Your Health Care Provider at each visit. You can also publicly acknowledge their efforts by recognizing them as a Care Star on!

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