Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is your home safe from falls?

Falls can happen anywhere, at home, at the store, and yes, even at a hospital or nursing home. According to the CDC, an older adult is treated in the ER every 18 seconds for a fall related injury. They can happen quickly and have tragic results.

Here are 10 tips to make your home safer for your family and visitors:

  • Remove small throw rugs on smooth surfaces or tape down with carpet tape to insure lack of movement

  • Install grab bars in the bathrooms to aid in mobility

  • Keep items you use daily within reach to avoid overstretching and use a step stool for those items out of reach

  • Choose footwear that provides the best traction for your surfaces

  • Carpeting or carpet strips are great for your stairs

  • Clean up spills as they happen

  • Don't rush to answer a doorbell or phone call

  • Keep shoes against the wall and out of the traffic zone

  • Have adequate lighting throughout your house

  • Tape down or bundle up extension cords, if possible relocate items needing cords next to electrical outlets.

Safety in your home is achievable with just a few minor changes. Please take the time today to make your home safer.

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