Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Would You Want to Know if Your Nursing Home Almost Killed Someone?

Would You Want to Know if Your Nursing Home Almost Killed Someone?
If you're searching for nursing homes for a loved one, would it interest you to know that one of your contenders nearly killed someone? We recently received a comment about a nursing home that apparently provided poor care:
"STAY AWAY from this nursing home!!! They almost killed our relative!! The CNA's took absoloutely [sic] no care of her, and literally left her in bed to die. They gave her medications for a different resident...." Read the full comment on this nursing home (follow the link and click the Survey Results Tab). *
This isn't the kind of feedback you'll ever receive by looking only at quality data, inspection reports or even by taking a tour. Consumer ratings of nursing homes are growing increasingly important because not all of the horror stories make it on the news. compiles consumer nursing home ratings to help you make a better decision. If you have an experience, please help others make an informed decision - rate your nursing home today. It only takes a minute and you'll help ensure our elderly are well cared for.

* makes no claims regarding the accuracy of this statement and is not affiliated with any of the parties involved. When choosing a nursing home, we advise you to take multiple factors into consideration including quality, satisfaction and ratings data. All of these may be found on This case may be an isolated incident and if you've had a different experience with this nursing home we encourage you to rate your experience.

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