Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arizona Helps Residents Choose Quality Nursing Homes

Arizona Helps Residents Choose Quality Nursing Homes
I recently had the pleasure of traveling to beautiful city of Phoenix, AZ to film a news story about While I was there I learned something interesting.

The state of Arizona has made great efforts to inform its residents about nursing home quality. As a result Arizona residents are more knowledgeable about government quality measures and what steps to take in finding the best nursing home for loved ones.

I commend Arizona for taking these steps and I hope more states will follow its lead. Its residents are better equipped to make such an important decision. As for the rest of us, can help. Our nursing home search will list facilities in your area as well as government quality scores (simplified for easy comparison), and consumer ratings when available.

I enjoyed my stay in Phoenix and I can't wait to go back. Thanks to the Piper Free Clinic, KNXV-TV and all the friendly people I met along the way!


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