Sunday, February 1, 2009

Check out Urgent Care Centers

Have you ever:

1. Fallen down stairs?
2. Burned or cut yourself while cooking?
3. Come down with the flu or a bad cold?
4. Fallen on ice?

I've done all the above. Most happening either after my doctor's office had closed or during days the office was booked solid. I used to turn to the local emergency room (ER) for medical assistance. While I found the ER to be very helpful, there was always a long wait to see a doctor. The reason for the long wait was that the ER doctors needed to tend to life threatening situations first. Since the conditions above are usually not life threatening, I was always low priority. And unfortunately, when you're in pain or feeling miserable, waiting can be very difficult.

There is an alternative: Urgent Care Clinics. Urgent Care Clinics provide medical care to patients with non-life threatening illness or injuries who need immediate attention but may not require a trip to the emergency room. These clinics are often open after hours, 7 days a week, no appointment necessary.

To locate an urgent care near you, use our free Urgent Care-Walk in Clinic Search tool. Most Urgent Care Centers are open after hours, but may be not open 24 hours. Be sure to call the urgent care before you visit to check their hours of operation.

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