Thursday, February 19, 2009

Should you use a Sick Day for Lack of Sleep?

You had trouble sleeping last night. The reason for lack of sleep can vary. Working long hours, an addiction to Facebook, or maybe a sleep disorder like insomnia. Now you're at office, fighting to keep your eyes open while reading your email. Perhaps you get up and walk around for awhile. Perhaps you go to the coffee machine or the vending machine for a caffeine fix. You're wishing you could be at home sleeping. But lack of sleep just doesn't seem like a good enough reason to miss work. The truth is lack of sleep is a very serious issue.

Lack of sleep, especially on a regular basis has been linked to long-term health conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. (Source: Healthy Sleep). You also triple your chances of being in an auto crash when driving while drowsy. (Source: USA Weekend)

Additionally, lack of sleep has been linked to decreased productivity and errors in the workplace. A side effect of lack of sleep is that you just don't notice the affects of sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation impairs your judgement. (Source: Healthy Sleep)

There are some online resources aimed at helping you get the sleep you need. The Mayo Clinic has a sleep guideline that describes how much sleep a person needs. They also offer tips on how to get better sleep. If you feel you have a sleep disorder, you should speak to your physican or see a sleep specialist. A sleep specialist will conduct a Sleep Study in order to diagnose your disorder. Once the sleep study is conducted, the specialist can offer treatments so you can achieve better sleep.

Do you need help locating a sleep center or sleep specialist? Use's Sleep Center Finder tool to locate a sleep center near you.

If you have been to a sleep center, share your experience by rating the Sleep Center. Your input will help others make their decision on which sleep center they should select.

*Information on is for informational purposes only. Always seek medical advice from your physican if you think you have a sleep disorder.

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