Friday, February 20, 2009

Useful Links for Radiology

I've found these links to helpful in learning more about radiology and the exams:

1. Mayo Clinic: Video of an MRI examination.

2. Mayo Clinic: A slideshow of a fetal ultrasound. Shows how to spot various features, like the heart or eyes, during an ultrasound.

3. American Society of Radiologic: They provide patient education pages on many types of radiologic exams. The education pages are written in English, but they are also many pages offered in Spanish as well.

4. National Cancer Institude, Cancer Imaging Program: This site has great information and has example images from X-rays, CT Scans, Nuclear Imaging, MRI, Ultrasounds, and much more.

Do you need help locating a Radiology Services facility? Use the Radiology Services finder on WhereToFindCare.

If you visited a radiology services facility recently? Please write a review for the radiology services provider. Your feedback will help others in your community make their healthcare decisions.

*Information on is for informational purposes only. Always seek medical advice from your physican for any medical conditions you may have.

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