Thursday, February 19, 2009

What to Expect during a Sleep Study

Having trouble sleeping? Read on...

Many sleep disorders have similar symptoms so it’s important to see a sleep specialist to determine the root cause of your sleep issue and get properly diagnosed. To find the root cause, sleep centers perform a sleep study.

So how do you prepare for a sleep study? What can you expect to happen? I found a couple of good links which describe the process: View a Sleep Study
This resource walks you through the sleep study process step by step, describes medical equipment used, describes items you should bring along to the study, and provides pictures.

Havard School of Medicine, Division of Sleep Medicine: What to Expect from a Sleep Evaluation
This is an excellent video which describes the entire process, from the initial consultation with the sleep specialist, to the sleep study, and ends with the resolution and treatment of the sleep disorder.

Looking for a sleep center or sleep specialist? Use's Sleep Center Finder tool to locate a sleep center near you.

If you have been to a sleep center, share your experience by rating the Sleep Center. Your input will help others make their decision on which sleep center they should select.

*Information on is for informational purposes only. Always seek medical advice from your physican if you think you have a sleep disorder.

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