Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Health Care Quality Measures - The Basics

No two home health care agencies are the same. Different staff, protocols, leadership, and patient population can yield different results. The CMS Quality Measures provide consumers with process and outcome measures not found anywhere else. And with over 9,500 home care agencies nationwide, choosing a home care agency selection based upon quality can simplify your decision.

The 12 quality measures that the federal government mandates from all participating home health agencies are grouped into the following areas:
1. Measures Related to Improvement in Getting Around
2. Measures about how Home Health Care ends
3. Measures Related to Meeting the Patient's Activities of Daily Living
4. Measures Related to Patient Medical Emergencies

Each of these areas has 2 to 4 specific measures. State and National Averages are calculated for each measure giving consumers the ability to compare between home health care agencies and the state and national averages or benchmarks. displays the results for each measure on the home health agency's home page - Quality Tab - allowing consumers to see the results compared to national average. The Quality Score is the percentage of measures that were at or better than national average. This score allows an easy comparison between agencies and is found on the initial search results and on the quality tab of each provider.

Use the home health agencies search feature on to locate a quality home health care provider.


  1. I am concerned that the quality score page does not say how many of the quality measures are being reported. You may show a 100% for an agency and only a 50% on another, but the one with the 100% has only one measure being reported but the other agency has many more. This unfairly skews the potential customer's opinion.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Based on your input we’ll be adding more information in the near future so look for that and tell us what you think.