Friday, May 29, 2009

Premium Home Page Marketing Tip #1: Update the Communication Section

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This tip comes to you thanks to Enovasis Healthcare Solutions, the experienced consultants who can help you improve quality, patient satisfaction and profit.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Communication Section is Complete and Accurate

The Communication section of your Premium Home Page is vital to obtaining the unlimited leads you're entitled to as a Premium subscriber. Here, prospects can obtain your contact information and even submit an e-lead to as many as five individuals in your organization. Without complete and accurate information, prospects will not be able to reach you and you will not know how effective your marketing campaign is.

To add contact information, simply locate and click on the "Update Communication" link to the far right of your screen while in edit mode (circled in the image below). Next, enter your phone number and up to five separate e-mail addresses. To get started, log in now and click Facility Editor Portal. If you have any difficulty, please contact us.

1. Click "Update Communication"
Update your contact form

Enter contact informationEnter contact information

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