Monday, June 8, 2009

Anyone Can Practice Yoga for the Mind, Body & Soul

Yoga for the Mind, Body & Soul By Marina Takagi

There are many types of Yoga in this day and age, types ranging from slow, relaxing methods to fast-paced, workout methods. The great thing about Yoga is that anyone can practice it. A stressed out college student during finals week, a pregnant mother, or a working woman can all find some kind of benefit to the art and practice of Yoga.

There are types of Yoga that focus on breathing and relaxation. These kinds of Yoga are usually slower-paced, relying on the power of meditation. An example of this kind of Yoga is Kripalu. By learning to breathe and relax, an individual can learn to focus their negative energies and replace them with the positive. This kind of Yoga can be done any where at any time; practicing in a office or in your own living room. All types of Yoga carry some aspect of meditation, but some, like Kripalu, focus more on this than others.

Types of Yoga that are a little more intense include Ashtanga and Power Yoga. These kinds of Yoga focus on physical strength along with mental power. The goal is to be able to channel mental strength with physical strength, believing that the mind and body together can accomplish. This practice of Yoga is very beneficial as a work out. It is challenging but still, any person can participate. Yoga is about self-accomplishment and development so an individual focuses on their own limits and skills, no matter how different they are from the rest of the people in the room.

There are many different types of Yoga, in different places, in different styles. But no matter the type, Yoga has a very beneficial effect. The calmness yet mental push of Yoga works the mind. The stretching yet muscle toning works the body. And all of this put together works the soul.

Yoga classes and Yoga centers are all over the country. Look for the one nearest you.
Here are some in the Ann Arbor, MI area:

*Sun - Moon Yoga Studio
(734) 929-0274

*A2Yoga--A2Yoga Wellness Studio
(734) 216-4006

*Siddha Yoga Meditation Center of Ann Arbor
(734) 747-7116

* Ann Arbor School of Yoga
(734) 663-7612

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  1. Yoga truly is life changing--regardless of your physical condition. If you live downriver/Dearborn area check out Rising Sun Yoga in Southgate. 734.282.9642 or