Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boost Your Health With Sushi

The Japanese cuisine of fine Sushi has taken the world by storm. More and more people around the world have acquired the taste as of late, and lucky for them, Sushi is one of the healthiest dishes out there.

With many varieties of Sushi, any one can choose a different kind of healthy meal. Vegetarians have many options ranging from types with avocado, cucumber, ginger, aspargaus, and many other vegetables. For non-vegetarians, raw fish or "sashimi" and crab are typical meats for Sushi.

There are many reasons why Sushi is so beneficial for your health:
1. Seaweed: This is wrappe around the outside of the Sushi and keeps it together. The nutrients in it are good for your body, and also keep your hair healthy, as well.
2. Vegetables: You can basically ask for any kind of vegetable you want and as we all know, veggies are great and essential for your body.
3. Meats: Of course there are ways to choose unhealthy options with Sushi. But overall, "sashimi," although hard to get the hang of, is one of the healthiest options around. The great thing is that you can choose what is right for your body and your diet.
4. Rice: Sushi offers a great serving of Carbohydrates. Servings sizes are smaller but very filling, the consuming of more Carbs is unncessary. But be careful with using too much soy sauce. It contains a lot of sodium.

Try something new and get acquainted with the art and taste of Sushi, popularizing all over the world. To read more about this cuisine, click on the following links:
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