Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fighting for Health Care Reform

It should not be impossible for a person to find health care that is affordable and helpful. But it can be. Whether breaking an arm in an accident or needing a surgery, there is always a reason to find dependable health care. Governor Granholm and union leaders are fighting to push Michigan's health care reform. Although easier said than done, we are slowly taking steps toward positive changes. In an interview, Mark Gaffney of Michigan AFL-CIO said, "We need an employer-based system, but at the same time we need a public option that people can, if they can afford, buy into it. We think that will provide the competition to, over the years, keep costs down and quality up." Until problems are resolved, every individual can and should stay informed and compare health care providers to find what is best for specific situations.
For more details on the health care reform, visit:
MLive: Granholm, union leaders push health care reform

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