Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Practice Art to Improve Your Health

Art Improves Your Health
By Marina Takagi

One of the most beneficial hobbies and practices that develop both mental and physical health is simple: Art. Whether playing the piano or painting a scenic landscape or taking a dance class, these forms of art help to maintain our body and our psychological well-being.

Teaching yourself to play an instrument, singing, taking music lessons: any of these help your health. As a woman grows older, the more movement and exercise she gets, the healthier. A simple daily hour of playing the piano helps finger and hand articulation, strenghtening and fighting against arthiritis. The same goes with playing a flute or a violin. Not only does this help one physicially, but the satisfacton of musical accomplishment is a dessert for the ears. Even going to the occasional concert at a local venue helps to get a load off of your shoulders and rejuvenates.

Some music companies that are available:
1) Ann Arbor Music Center: Take music lessons!
(734) 665-0375
2) The Ark: Find concerts to attend!

Although there are types of dance that are physically vigorous, there are also kinds that anyone can do. Whether you take a beginner's ballet class or take a salsa or ballroom dancing class with your significant other, you are bound to have fun. Along with being an activity that you can thoroughly enjoy, it keeps the body healthy and active, definitely a plus. Like music, seeing a dance performance is great entertainment as well. Perhaps, you'll even be on the stage, too!

Some dance ideas available:
1) Dance Theatre Studio: Take an adult ballet, ballroom, or even pilates class! (other genres also available)
711 North University
Ann Arbor, Michigan
2) Swing City Dance Studio: Take a swing class with a friend or a significant other!
1960 S. Industrial E&F
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
3) Visit Ann Arbor: Find a dance event to attend and view!
(734) 995-7281

Painting & Drawing
Painting or drawing a picture is typically the first thing that one thinks of when thinking of the word "art." These classes are accessible in the area, just as music and dance classes. Like music, the utilization of wrists, hands, and fingers generate movement beneficial to health as one gets older. There are so many types of painting and drawing, that you are bound to find an activity that is right for you. Also, you can go to a local art museum just to take your mind off of things and see art at its finest.

A couple examples of art centers:
1) Ann Arbor Art Center: Take art classes!
117 W Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 994-8004
2) University of Michigan Museum of Art: Take a look at a great art gallery!
525 S State St, Ann Arbor
(734) 764-0395

There are also other activities that one can do: pottery, beading, knitting, clothing design, decorating, cuisine. Any of these can be done from the home and can be entertaining and helpful.
As you can see, there are endless ways to boost your health, just by taking part in any of these artistic activities. Not only do you get the sastisfaction of accomplishing something, but you keep your mind and your body in peak shape, also giving you the satisfaction of a bright future.

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