Monday, June 8, 2009

Universities Aiding in Stem Cell Research

By Marina Takagi

The debate of the right and wrong when it comes to stem cell research will always be an issue. But in this day and age, the developments that have come and will come from stem cell research cannot be over-looked.

The University of Michigan has been working with other universities, such as Michigan State University, Oakland University, and Wayne State University, to advance stem cell research and its results in their studies. It was the first, large meeting of groups since last November when stem cell research laws were loosened in the state of Michigan. "Human embryonic stem cells are seen as particularly valuable in creating eventual cures for disease because they can turn into any tissue in the body.

The research is controversial because the embryos are destroyed in the process" (Dave Gershmann, Ann Arbor News). Is this right or wrong? It will be a never-ending question. For the article in its entirety, visit the Ann Arbor News.

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