Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anyone Can Help Battle Cancer!

Each year, more and more healthy women and men are diagnosed with a type of Cancer. Whether serious or not, the Cancer battle is both physically and emotionally draining on both the patient and their communities. There is something that loved one's and patients can do to help. Anyone can participate and everyone makes a difference. There are hundreds of relays and walks around the country that one can participate in, which raise money for Cancer research and funding. Every person's participation is helpful and rewarding. Not onlyBattle Cancer, Relay for Life are these relays sponsored in the United States, but all around the world.

Here are some relays around the world this summer:
1) Relay for Life: Fletcher, North Carolina
July 17, 2009, Fletcher Community Park
2) July 17-18: Town of Blue Mountains/ Thornbury, Canada
3) July 18-19: Portishead & Clevedon, United Kingdom; Pewsey, United Kingdom; Plymouth, United Kingdom; Manor & Castle, United Kingdom; Peterhead, United Kingdom; Ascot, United Kingdom; Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom; Horsham, United Kingdom; Portsmouth, United Kingdom; Wimbledon, United Kingdom
4) July 25-26: Northenden, United Kingdom
5) August: Various locations around Canada and the United Kingdom
6) September: Various locations around Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Japan, Denmark, Africa

If you or a loved one is battling cancer, has many resources to help. For example, you can find and compare surgery centers, hospitals, home care and hospices. You can even rate your providers and help others make informed choices.

For more information about cancer fundraising, visit:

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