Monday, July 20, 2009

Children's Cancer Camps

Children's Cancer Camps The diagnosis of various types of Cancer take a toll on children and their families. YMCA has a camp that helps children to cope with the illness and fight against it. Held at a YMCA camp site near Jackson, MI, kids can go for two weeks in the summer or one week in February, and immerse themselves among survivors, patients, and siblings of those diagnosed with Cancer. The "Special Days" camp was founded in 1979, acting as a safe place that parents could trust. Chemotherapy is available at the camp, as nurses and doctors are available 24/7. Each year, there is a new theme for kids to enjoy, really giving the camp the feel of any other children's camp. Cancer is hard on not only the diagnosed children, but their families as well. This camp
offers a great release for patients and their siblings, while helping parents feel safe with the experience. Along with joining camps and cancer walks, or other activities, educating about your health care is best. Use to rate your care and help others around you fighting the same battles.

For more information, visit: MLive: Camp a place for kids suffering from cancer to get away

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