Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fight Against Drunk Driving

Each year, many drivers have one too many drinks and still decide to drive. Fighting against drunk driving is fighting for the safety of society. The Genesee Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition has asked for the help of bar owners to decrease drunk driving incidents. Although bars are not the reason for drunk driving crashes, they are places to easily and effectively control alcohol consummation. "We can't go into someone's home without probable cause. But retail sale of liquor is a controlled environment. When you get a liquor license, you give up some of those rights. That lets us enter that establishment pretty much any time we choose" said Sergeant Adams of Genesee County. This has sparked much controversy within the bar community, saying that it restricts their rights as well. But all would agree that something must be done. Drunk driving is unsafe for anyone and everyone's health.
For more information on the Genesee Coalition's fight, visit: MLive: Genesee Drug and Alcohol Prevention

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