Sunday, July 12, 2009

H1N1 Preparations for State Health Departments

On Friday, the Health and Human Services announced that $360 million in federal grant money would be given out to states for the on-going battle against the H1N1 virus as well as up-coming flu seasons. Although the virus has started to die down in the media, it still active and affecting the world. There have been 37,246 confirmed cases in the United States alone. As for the funding, "About $260 million of the funds will go directly to state health departments for emergency response planning and a fall vaccination campaign. The rest of the money, about $90 million, will go to hospitals to prepare for a possible surge of patients if an outbreak hits that community". The funds will help heath care departments and hospitals, as it will also keep them prepared for possible outbreaks. We, as citizens, should still be aware of our surroundings and practice healthy habits in order to help halt the H1N1 spread.

For the full article, visit: MLive: Federal grants to fund H1N1 flu preparations for state health departments, hospitals

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