Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Don't Panic Yet, Schools"

schools prepare for swine flu
The government is urging schools to remain calm and refrain from closing down unless a severe outbreak of the Swine Flu occurs. They are also telling schools to let children with the flu come back to school after 24 hours of their symptoms relieving. Instead of planning when and how to shut down schools, the government would like them to plan the possibilities of school-wide vaccinations. Prevention is key to the health of schools this fall. Parents should take extra care to keep children healthy by doing the usual: washing hands, keeping from other infected persons, eating healthy, etc. The CDC have released situations in which schools should shut down: i.e. schools with special needs students such as pregnant teenagers, a large number of students and staff are infected, and if too many parents are sending fever-ish children to school. It's crucial for parents to be aware and helping their families stay healthy as we head into the fall. If you need aid with this, visit your health care provider. Or if you would like to find a different health care provider and rate your current plan for others, visit Also, for the entire article about schools and Swine Flu closings, visit:

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