Monday, August 24, 2009

Lose the Training Wheels Helping Children With Disabilities Nationwide

Lose the Training Wheels Helping Children With Disabilities NationwideWith the help of Lose the Training Wheels, many kids with disabilities across the nation learned how ride a 2-wheel bike this summer.

Lose the Training Wheels is a camp designed to teach individuals with disabilities to ride a two wheel bicycle and become lifelong independent riders. The training camps usually last 5 days and are hosted all over the nation.

"We take a huge 'I can't' and turn it into a huge 'I can,'" said Tom Hamilton, executive director of Lose the Training Wheels. "Most parents discover that the success their children find here infuses them with confidence."

Hamilton said they have tremendous success with children on the autism spectrum, children with Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and mental retardation. The group boasts an 85 percent success rate in teaching young people with disabilities how to ride a bike.

To learn more about the group, or to see their camp schedule, visit Lose the Training Wheels


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