Saturday, August 1, 2009

Occupational Therapy Session Aiding Alzheimer's

Occupational Therapy Session Aiding Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's disease can show devastating symptoms from person to person. There have been studies upon studies trying to find successful ways to moderate the disease. As some drugs have been pushed, occupational therapy sessions have come into play. A Dutch health investigating team tested the effect of occupational therapy with Alzheimer's patients and it showed levels of success. "The patients used most of the same doctor's office and hospital care, but required less close attention at home. So if the Dutch results can be replicated elsewhere, the occupational therapy treatment program joins a very small number of treatments, such as flu shots, that are so successful they decrease the total health care bill, paying for themselves in the process." There are many nursing care facilities posted on that offer occupational therapy, such as Coronado Health Care Center of Phoenix, Catalina Health Care Center of Tuscan, and Arroyo Vista Nursing Center of San Diego. If you know an individual that has tried occupational therapy, or would like to find locations offering the therapy, visit our Nursing Home Directory for a listing of nursing homes specializing in Alzheimer's care and occupational therapy.

Also visit, MLive: Occupational Therapy Sessions for the full article on the Dutch study with the therapy and Alzheimer's disease.

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