Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tips to Reduce Stress for Those with Diabetes

Tips to Reduce Stress for Those with DiabetesStress can have a negative impact on your life, especially if you have diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association gives these tips for coping with diabetes and reducing your stress:

  • Tell my family and friends about ways in which they can help me.
  • Be patient with myself.
  • Shift my perspective.
  • Take a different route to work or home.
  • Go for a 10-minute walk.
  • Avoid negative people.
  • Read for pleasure.
  • Take things in stride.
  • Celebrate life.
  • Find humor every day.
  • Pick my battles.
  • Keep writing in my journal.
  • Do something different.
  • Look forward rather than backward.
  • Know my limits.
  • Get enough rest and sleep regularly.
  • Daydream.

They also emphasis that you should not focus on things you cannot change--like that long stop light, the long wait at the doctor's office, or accidents. Focus on things you can change--like your diet, your exercise routine, how you react to people, and how you spend your day.

Do you need any help with your diabetes and managing stress? Diabetes Education Centers may be able to help you . To locate a Diabetes Education Center, use the Diabetes Education Services directory.

These tips come from a new book the American Diabetes Association plans on publishing this fall. It's called "Your First Year with Diabetes: What to Do Month by Month.". To learn more about it, see the American Diabetes Association website.

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