Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hospitals May Limit Visits to Newborns Due to H1N1

Hospitals May Limit Visits to Newborns Due to H1N1Are you pregnant? You should consider asking your birthing center how H1N1 may change visitation rules.

According to a ABC News story, fear of a potential swine flu outbreak has many hospitals considering changes to their visitation policies to protect newborn babies and their mothers.

The news story states one hospital has a ban of children from areas of the hospital where newborns and their mothers reside. Only immediate family over the age the 18 are able to visit. Other hospitals may consider a similar ban over time.

Another approach mentioned in the article is to monitor visitors to see if any appear to have symptoms, and if they do either test the visitor before allowing them to visit the mother and newborn or send them home and ask them to come back in 24 hours for re-screening.

What do you think? Should hospitals change visitation rules due to H1N1? What type of ban should be in place? Should there be a total ban of children?

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