Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Labor Day Travel Resources You Usually Overlook

Labor Day Travel Resources You Usually OverlookThis weekend, many of us are looking forward to a long, relaxing weekend in honor of Labor Day. A favorite Labor Day travel destination in these parts is northern Michigan, or "Up-North." Every year, some of us plan our beach getaways and our cottage escapes down to the most minute detail: We research fun things to do in the area, create hour-by-hour itineraries and book excursions. In the process, we probably do enough research to qualify for a degree somewhere. But there is one thing we almost always forget: Where do we go for minor injuries or illness? None of the travel guides seem to tell us that.

It doesn't make much sense either...with all those excursions we're planning, someone's bound to twist an ankle or something. But who wants to think of that? We'll just go to the nearest emergency room, right? Don't do it!

You'll waste a whole vacation day waiting to be seen and you'll spend far too much money. Minor injuries can generally be treated faster and cheaper at urgent care centers and walk-in clinics. But they're harder to find, especially if you're on vacation in an unfamiliar place. Unless you take a few seconds now to plan ahead. We've compiled a list of urgent care and walk-in clinics by state. And for our Michigan friends, we have Michigan urgent care centers too. Find the city you'll be traveling to then bookmark the link on your cell phone for handy reference!

Happy Labor Day and travel safe

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  1. I have had occasion to find urgent care facilities when vacating in Orlando. One of my family members has pink eye. We contacted our family physician and their office refused to prescribe without being seen. Good article.