Monday, November 16, 2009

Lowering the Risk of Breast Cancer

Many women want to know what they can do to lower their risk of developing breast cancer.

Regular screening tests for breast cancer increases the likelihood that your doctor will find breast cancer early, when its most treatable (you can find and rate radiology service providers on

Here are some factors that could affect your risk for breast cancer. Some of these you might be able to control.

-what you eat
-maintaining a healthy weight
-amount of exercise you get
-if you smoke
-how much alcohol you drink and how frequently you drink it
-the types of chemicals in the environment you're in
-whether you took hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms for 5 years or longer

It could be difficult to make these changes in your life, but it can become easier when you understand each factor and the importance of the changes.

To get regular screenings, talk to your doctor or find radiology services near you.

For more information, visit the official breast cancer website:

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