Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stopping the Pig Flu (H1N1) in Your House

Face of Pig Flu
Tis the season for constant reminders to cover your mouth and nose, wash your hands, disinfect surfaces to prevent the spread of swine flu. Read below if you are looking for some H1N1-experienced based tips to help you stop spreading the germs in your house:

1. Place bottles of anti-bacterial hand gel around the house - especially by the heavily used areas:
a. Right in front of the family room computer keyboard
b. Kitchen table/island (next to the fruit bowl)
c. Next to the box of tissues (when they grab a tissue - they will see the gel)
d. Next to the TV remote control
e. By the land-line (phone) and/or answering machine

2. Restock your favorite anti-bacterial hand soap (many scents and moisturizers at Bath and Body Works). Place at all sinks in your house.

3. Keep repeating "wash your hands", "cover your mouth" - not only is it a great reminder of forming good habits, but years later tell their own kids the same thing and thank you for caring.

4. Use Disinfectant sprays- According to
Lysol: Laboratory tests have shown that many LYSOL® products, when used according to label instructions, are effective against similar strains of Influenza virus H1N1.

5. Clean all common places with disinfectant wipes including:
Handles: Doors (Inside and Outside), Closet, Mailbox, Cabinents
Appliances: refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave
Handrails: Stair, porch, bath/shower area

6. Buy an upright toothbrush holder to help keep toothbrushes away from each other. Remember to have them rinse the toothbrush with hot water. See
CDC for more toothbrush care tips.

7. Open your windows - weather permitting.

8. Don't share cups or straws. Sharing of utencils is also a no-no.

9. Refrain from kissing - Alternatives can be: Hugging (Bear Hugs are great), Blow a kiss, and a peace sign.

Got a tip for Stopping the Pig? Please let us know!

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