Friday, November 20, 2009

What you might not know about soda

If you are trying to diet, drinking soda is not going to help you. Drink water always instead of soda.

When you drink "light" soda, the "light" is made up by: aspartame, surcalose, and acesulfame-K based (these are the top three artificial sweeteners).

When you hear of soda being "natural", this usually means large use of high fructose corn syrup which actually leads to high obesity rates.

A misleading trend in soda is adding minerals and vitamins (along with adding it to water and sports drinks). If you are healthy, your body is already healthy enough that these drinks won't help you. It's better to actually eat vegetables.

Advertisements try to bring you in with bogus ways of making drinks sound healthier. If you stick to water, you are much better off.

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