Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Reasons to stop drinking pop

People drink more pop now than ever before. On average, Americans drink 1.6 cans of pop everyday (597 cans a year). We get 7% of our calories from pop which makes pop the largest source of calories in the US diet.

If you drink too much pop, its probably a good idea to cut back. Here is why:

Reason 1: Dehydration.
Caffeine and sugar cause your body to become dehydrated. Caffeine is a diuretic and causes an increase in urine volume. Drinking pop actually makes you more thirsty.

Reason 2: High Calories.
A can of Coke has 10tsp of sugar (this is 100% of the daily recommended amount for adults). An 8oz can of pop has between 100 to 200 calories. All of these calories deplete your body of vital minerals.

Reason 3: Caffeine Addiction.
Having a caffeine addiction and going through caffeine withdrawal has been recognized as a medical disorder. It is easy to maintain the use of caffeine and is cheap. Withdrawal symptoms include headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating.

Reason 4: Acid.
Diet and regular pop have enough acid in them to wear away the enamel of your teeth over time. If your teeth have weakened enamel, they become more sensitive and more susceptible to decay.

Reason 5: Save Money.
Although it was stated that pop is cheap, it is more expensive than water, juice, and milk. If you drink 2 cans of pop a day, you will spend about $205 in a year.

Reason 6: Lose Weight
Just because it is called DIET COKE, doesn't mean it actually helps with your diet. In reality, diet pop actually puts you at higher risk of becoming overweight. Artificial sweeteners can interfere with your body's natural ability to regulate calorie intake.

Reason 7: Artificial Sweetener Issues.
Artificial sweeteners have been accused of everything from causing headaches to multiple sclerosis (and even death). Majority of artificial sweeteners have 20 or more years of research behind them which provides safety for most individuals. However, if you consume artificial sweeteners, it could make you crave more sweet things, which will in turn create more cravings for you when you are trying to avoid sweet foods.

Reason 8: Mineral Depletion.
You may know of a study that showed woman that drink pop everyday have a lower bone mineral density. This could be because most pops contain phosphoric acid and caffeine which drain calcium out of your bones. Because of caffeine, more minerals are leaving your body before having a chance to be absorbed and put to use.

Reason 9: Less Chance for Diabetes.
Although no research has definitively shown that pop causes diabetes, the daily consumption of pop does create other problems that could lead to diabetes. When sugar enters your bloodstream quickly, the pancreas has to secrete large amounts of insulin for the body to process it. Some scientists believe that the unceasing demands that pop places on the pancreas may leave it unable to keep up with your body's need for insulin.

Reason 10: Pop Replaces Healthier Drinks.
Change always happens, but not always for the better. In the 1950's, kids would drink 3 cups of milk for every cup of "sweet drink," but today it is actually opposite. The biggest problem is that pop acts as a replacement drink for healthier options. Less milk in a diet could account for the lower bone density and higher occurrence of osteoporosis in men, women, and kids.

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