Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free health calculator: Food Calculator

Interested in understanding how many calories you are consuming in a day or a meal? NutriInfo.com offers a free food calculator where you can enter your desired daily calorie goal, and the number of servings for each of the basic food groups (grains, vegetables, fruit, milk, meat/beans, and fats). Daily recommended servings are also shown to help guide you in balancing your diet.

The result is an easy to understand grid showing the total calorie intake and the number of carbs, proteins, and fat as a percentage of your daily diet. It also shows the same information in grams to help you with day to day monitoring.

The helpful advice at the bottom of the calculator (in red) guides you specifically with reminders to eat more servings of a particular food group, and warnings for excessive consumption of fat or calories.
Eat within your recommended servings to meet your calorie goal.
Your fat intake exceeds the recommended daily maximum of 30%.

This calculator can be used to understand your current consumption as well as help you plan for tomorrow. See the about tab at NutriInfo.com's health calculator to enter your info.

NutriInfo.com's Mission: We strive to provide the most convenient and flexible online tools that help individuals develop healthy lifestyles, stay motivated, and achieve their lifetime health.

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