Sunday, December 6, 2009

University of Michigan Hospital offers Cancer Answer Line

Do you have cancer related questions but don't know where to turn? Get a result on a test that looks suspicious? Need a physician who specializes in your type of cancer? Interested in learning more about prevention strategies to avoid increasing your risk of specific types of cancer? Concerned about a family member or friend with cancer or undergoing testing?

The Cancer AnswerLine provided by University of Michigan is here to help people like you. The experienced registered nurses can be reached at 1-800-865-1125 Monday through Friday 8:am to 5:30pm ET. The call is free and confidential. You can also contact them for an email response through this link.

A couple of other notes:
This is a no-obligation community service provided by the University of Michigan Health System. There are no restrictions on who can utilize the service such as geographic, insurance, or other. This free service puts you in touch via phone or email with a Registered Oncology Nurse.

How cool is that?


  1. Thank you for posting information regarding our service to this web page. It may be helpful for you to be aware that Cancer AnswerLine was established in 1995 as a community service of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. We've been available to answer questions from patients and family for nearly 15 years!
    Becky Eggleston RN OCN
    Cancer AnswerLine Manager

  2. Becky,

    Yes, Thank you for your response. I wasn't aware that you have been helping people for 15 years. It has to feel good to know you have helped thousands of people in their time of need.

    Thank you for all that you do!