Monday, May 24, 2010

Rhode Island ready to limit new home health agencies

The Rhode Island State House of Representatives just approved a bill to block the licensing of home nursing, hospice, and home care for the next two years. According to the information, the influx of home health care agencies is due to a new Medicaid global waiver which "allowed the state to spend Medicaid dollars in new ways (on home-based programs for the elderly, for example, instead of a nursing home focus) in exchange for annual spending caps." Apparently only those businesses already in operation were supposed to benefit from this "global waiver" program.

The key takeaways from the article are that the nursing homes are losing patients to "new ways" ie, homecare and the homecare agencies in the state don't want new competition.

Limiting the number of providers is not a sound strategy of insuring quality care, but Transparency via patient and family reviews ensures a better product. invites Rhode Island health care providers to actively participate by informing their patients to publicly rate their experience on Only through transparency can quality be achieved in the marketplace.

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  1. Sounds like Rhode Island home health care providers don't want to lower their rates, thereby increasing per person rates charged to the federal government. Also....what about seniors who don't qualify for Medicaid or those who use hhc services but don't receive government funding???? Sounds like yet another strike against the common man's pocket book

  2. Can you further expand on what a Global waiver is for Medicaid. Also what kind of change was there in the services that Medicaid will cover now that it wouldn't before? I've heard businesses go to where the money is, how can this be happening now when the economy is in trouble?

  3. Good point Christina. As I understand it no home health agencies will be allowed regardless of insurance type.

  4. Diane - they have added to the list of available services and will expand who can access them. See this document from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare for who is covered: