Saturday, October 23, 2010

Arrest comes after 3rd time Nursing Home Custodian exposes himself to Elderly Women

womanEarlier this week it was reported that a custodian was found by a nurse assistant in a patient's room with his pants down in a southeastern Michigan nursing home. He is finally being charged with a 2 year felony ($7500 cash bond).

The article also stated that deputies were called out twice (victims 69 and 94) in the past 6 months for similar incidents. Isn't exposure and self-pleasure in front of anyone a legitimate reason for dismissal?

And what is wrong with these sons/daughters not pressing charges? And why is it up to those children to press charges? Isn't this against the law plain and simple?

In our society we have a term for parents that do not provide good care for their children "Bad Parents".

What do we call adult children who don't take good care of their parents?

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