Friday, October 15, 2010

Research prices before you visit a health care provider

We're always looking for ways to help people find the best providers. That also means checking cost, especially if you can't afford health care because you're uninsured or have high deductibles or co-pays. Actually, we're big proponents of checking cost in EVERY situation even if you aren't concerned about cost for some reason.

So when we came across a website with the same belief, we just had to share it with you. Below, its founder Mona Lori tells you all about it. is a community website to provide consumers with true prices (how much things really cost) for routine health care services like office visits, vision, dental, diagnostic tests and lab tests. The website allows consumers to share prices they paid for health care services and search the directory to look up true prices for services. The community directory of health care prices is supplemented with Medicare price data for common services, true price lists from health care providers and public websites that publish prices for services. Everyone is invited to participate!

This grass-roots initiative hopes that by getting consumers like you involved to reveal true health care pricing, consumers will become a powerful force to encourage healthy competition in the industry. We hope that this initiative will help lower your out-of-pocket health care costs by enabling you to comparison shop for the best value (price + quality) before visiting a health care provider. was created to educate consumers on health care prices. Our price transparency tool allows you to search for prices for health care services, and invites you to collaborate by posting prices you paid for health care services.

Here’s to your health & wellness,
Mona Lori
mona [dot] lori [at] outofpocket [dot] com

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