Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Time Reminders from

santa on sleighWinter has officially started. With it comes the harsh weather conditions often associated with this time of year. Ice, snow, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures can be hard to combat when you’re healthy. However, we need to focus on the health effects of our more fragile populations. Here’s a short list of reminders during this holiday season.

• Only leave pets outside for short periods of time: Yes, they’re furry, but even that protective coat will only shield them from the elements for so long.
Think of the elderly: Not just your own family members, but older neighbors will need help during these winter months. Offer to pick up groceries while out shopping or shovel/ice their sidewalk.
Remove Ice/Shovel from your sidewalk: Yes, you may be able to cross the treacherous terrain that is currently your front walk, but will your mail carrier, neighborhood kids, or newspaper carrier?
Get a Carbon Monoxide detector: With houses shut up tight against the winter chill, carbon monoxide can be a silent threat to your family.

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