Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ADHD & Processed Foods

A recent study out of the Netherlands sought to find a legitimate treatment for Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). They utilized dietary alterations to see whether there is a correlation between processed foods and increasing ADHD rates.

The study started with 100 children, aged 4-8, all of whom had been diagnosed with ADHD. The children were separated into 2 groups- one of which received only advice on healthy eating while the other group was placed on a restrictive diet. The diet consisted of only a select group of foods- rice, vegetables, meat, pears, and water. Further into the study, potatoes, fruits, and wheat were reintroduced into their diets. After 5 weeks on the restricted diets, the group was given both high and low IgG-foods. IgG is an antibody released by the body. Researchers used IgG-foods because some alternative/complementary practitioners have linked it to food hypersensitivity. The introduction of IgG-foods showed little effect on the severity of ADHD symptoms. Most of the children on the restricted diet showed some lessened severity of their ADHD symptoms.
So, what does this mean? While IgG antibody foods may not be linked to ADHD, limiting intake of processed foods and foods high in sugar may lessen the symptoms of ADHD. What other things might help treat symptoms of ADHD?

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