Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Low Fiber Intake Could Mean A Shorter Life

A recent finding from the National Institutes of Health-AARP diet and health study showed that people with a diet high in fiber are 22% less likely to die. Additionally, men had a lower risk of cardiovascular(CVD) and respiratory diseases, decreasing the risk by 24% from those with low fiber intake. Women with high fiber intake were shown to decrease their risk of CVD and respiratory disease by 34%.

The study was performed over the course of 9 years, studying 388,122 men and women. During that time, 20,126 men and 11,330 women died. The study showed linkages between high fiber intake from fruits having a greater impact on decreased health risks rather than whole grains.

What can you do to lengthen your lifespan?
  • Try eating one extra whole fruit (not canned or sweetened) each day.
  • Increase raw vegetable intake
  • Switch some of your grains from white to whole grains.

Please share any tips YOU have on increasing your dietary fiber intake!

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