Thursday, March 3, 2011

1 in 2 won't recommend Urgent Care Provider

urgent care docWith over 8,500 urgent care centers across the U.S., its hard to know which one is best for you. One of the things you can use to make your decision on where to find urgent care is to learn from prior patients of that specific facility. offers visitors the opportunity to read responses for the specific 8 question survey, comments, and praise for staff that provided service beyond the patients expectations (CareStars).

According to our analysis of surveys submitted on, urgent care centers have room for improvement. Here are the results:

50% said they received quality care

48% said they would recommend this urgent care provider

Emotional Needs
45% said they received assistance with emotional needs

76% said they never heard staff discuss other patients
70% said their privacy was respected

65% said the staff was friendly

61% said they were comfortable asking questions of their care providers
58% said the staff was professional (respected privacy, listened to concerns, communicated information)

Did any finding surprise you? I was most surprised to learn that more than half of the respondents perceived they didn't get assistance with their emotional needs. This is alarming because the circumstances that bring us to the urgent care center are an immediate need to seek health care which contributes to a heightened emotional status. The provider's lack of history with the patient/family and their demand for quick turnaround times may be contributing factors which cause patients to feel unattended to emotionally.

What can we do as patients? Be honest. Tell your provider about your concerns, fears, and doubts. It's okay to ask those questions that settle your mind or give you information about your condition.

How can you help others in your community find quality urgent care centers? It's easy - Make your voice be heard by sharing your experience with urgent care providers on Information on is used thousands of times a day helping people like you find quality health care providers. Use the search below to get started on rating your visit to a urgent care center.

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