Sunday, March 27, 2011

Discharge Planning and Social Work Departments:Quality Information You Can Share With Your Patients

smart discharge planner Want to give your patients more information when asking for their decision on choosing a home health agency or nursing home? Of course you do! You take pride in helping your patients find care before they leave the hospital. Since most patients don't have previous experience with post acute care providers they trust you to point them in the right direction. These days, offering them a list with just basic location and phone number is not enough. is here to help! provides a simple search that displays overall quality score (based on Medicare quality data) giving your more information to help you and your patient with this important decision. Use our simple search by entering your zip code for: Nursing Home Search
Dialysis Center Search
Home Health Care Search
You can sort on the quality information and share it to your patient and their family. You can even print it out so they can research their options further. They should know how well the provider performs on measures that Medicare and many quality agencies have determined are important key performance indicators.
Let us know what you think about this information. We are here to help you and your patients find the best quality provider so we are always open to hearing from you.

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