Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't choose a poor quality home health care agency for your family

Every day, patients at hospitals across the country are discharged with a physician order to have home health care. Hospitals are not obligated to share quality information with you/your family. Typically, a sheet of home health care providers with addresses are offered to the patient for their "choice". believes patients should have access to quality data when selecting their home health provider. I have included snapshots of home health care agencies in zip code 48105.

Can you tell me which one you would prefer to see when choosing a home health care provider for yourself or your family?

Names and city only?

Where To Find Care Home Health Zip 48105 or Name, cities and quality scores?

Where To Find Care Home Health with Quality
Tip: You can do this same analysis by searching on using our simple to use home health care finder:

Find a Home Health Agency:

Take a piece of paper and cover up the quality scores. Try to choose back on the remaining information. Take as much time as you need. Once you decide, remove the paper and take a look.

Did you make any changes to your choice?

Why or why not?

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