Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Need more Good News in Your Day?

Care Stars by Where To Find Care.com
WhereToFindCare.com has got you covered! You can add our RSS feed for Care Stars right in your inbox. For outlook users, click on tab for RSS feed (orange) right under your outbox (or at least in that area if you have resorted your folder). Click Add to RSS Feed, then paste this link: feed://www.wheretofindcare.com/CareStar.xml. You will be receiving updates from our website visitors that are sharing their praise for a health care worker.

Know a Care Star? Don't be shy - acknowledge today on WhereToFindCare.com by taking a survey and stating the action that made them a Care Star in the lower part of the survey. It could be the housekeeper, food server, the mammogram technician, nurse, phlebotomist, physician, home care nurse, nurse assistant, therapist, nurse anesthetist, or anyone who exceeded your expectations during your health care service/visit.

Here is the link to get you started. Thank you!

Care Stars - Find them only on WhereToFindCare.com.

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