Friday, June 17, 2011

I love my doctor but the office staff needs to go

Where To Find Care patient satisfactionAccording to recent surveys submitted on, patients are having bad experiences with front end staff and office assistants/managers. There is no trend - rudeness is not limited to a specific type of provider nor area of the country.

Here are some of the more recent encounters from patients like you:

While the quality of the care during the procedure was professional, the attention I received from their billing department was not. I called the billing department before the procedure to verify the codes used to bill my insurance company and never received a return call. After the procedure and the provider's billing to the insurance company, I again called the billing department, because I believed they had billed it incorrectly, and still did not receive a return call.

The staff was the worst! Billing was always wrong! They wouldn't do anything to make it better.I would call, fax and bring in proper info, and the next visit it would be the same thing... We are missing your insur. info. I really wanted to keep going for the Dr. The Dr. was great. His staff needs help!

On 6-10-11, I was there for a DXA scan. When my husband and I got there, the employees peeked out of an opened slit in the frosted glass window to see who was coming in the door. -All I saw was one eye looking at me. When I walked up to the larger open window to sign in and give them my Rx for the scan, the receptionist was polite enough, but she was and two other employees were very 'loud' the entire time we were there. They were talking about going to the carnival & playing the ring toss game

My son was stung by a man of war, it blistered and he was in pain, the front desk at Edgewater Resort recommended Emerald Coast Urgent Care two blocks away. The woman at the front desk provided the single worst health care experience I have ever had (and my husband is a doctor). The doctor at the facility was excellent, but I would not recommend this facility.

Have a bad experience with office staff? Tell the doctor (or other health care practitioner) about your experience. Unless they know, they won't be able to do anything about it. Doctors don't want to lose their patients over a misunderstanding or a rude staff member. You may not be the first one to bring it to their attention, but you may be the patient that makes it better for the next patient.

And be sure to rate your care on You will be helping others in your community find quality health care providers.

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