Friday, July 15, 2011

Doctor cuts off patient when telling symptoms

Docs not listening to patient
Have you ever been in a situation where you are in the doctor's exam room and the doctor doesn't give you the opportunity to tell them the reason you are there?

Two patients commented about this exact issue over the past week:

"Within two minutes of walking into the room he (Dermatologist in Arizona) diagnosed me with acne, without asking any questions about my symptoms or condition. If he would have given his client more then two minutes of his time, he might have realized he had inaccurately diagnosed the condition. When I tried to politely explain why I was there, he cut me off, claiming he was offended that I question his authority. He will spend minimal time and not answer questions.

"I respect his talents and medical background (Urologist in Maine), but find he can be very short when discussing patient concerns. Has raised his voice to make a point, cutting me off about my concerns."

Would you continue to go to a doctor that didn't listen to you?

Specialty doctors depend on referrals from primary physicians. Would you tell your primary care physician that the doctor they referred you to had poor interpersonal skills (rude, raises voice, etc)?

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