Saturday, January 28, 2012

What is a Care Star?

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By definition, a Care Star is an exceptional healthcare worker who exceeded the expectations of the people they served. It is a registered trademark of LLC.

How do you know a Care Star when you see one? They are the people that give extra to make sure you have all your needs met during your health care encounters. This includes meeting the needs family and visitors as well.

Can you provide some examples of Care Stars? Absolutely.

Dr. Levine's staff nurse - Becky was acknowledged as a Care Star by a patient. "She was so caring. I am afraid of needles and she made everything so much easier" I suspect this was very important to this patient considering Dr. Levine is an allergist and she most likely needed some testing.

Dr Vanessa Taylor, a podiatrist, was acknowledged as a Care Star for helping her patient "feel comfortable like one would at home. It was like I was sitting on my couch at home getting walked through the procedure. She also put up a cover so i couldnt see my foot, gah I'm afraid to see blood."

And Amanda, an OB nurse at Fort Sander Regional Medical Center, was praised by her patient that remarked ".. She was just an awesome nurse! Not only did I notice the above ordinary care she gave me but also my husband and family just loved her. She made the whole situation and delivery so much more comfortable!! Every nurse should be trained by her and have her degree of caring. ... Thank you Amanda for your help with our Baby girl!"

Does this sound familiar to you? Did you experience a Care Star when you went to the doctors last time, pharmacy, hospital, or used any health care services?

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