Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips for touring a hospital birthing center

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations.

Considering where you would like to have your baby is an important decision, one that you don't want to regret, afterall it is the first time you will meet your baby, and you want everything to be perfect. You should tour a hospital birthing center as early in your pregnacy as possible.

Some tips to keep in mind when conducting a hospital birthing center tour:

1. What type of insurance is accepted?

2. Can the ward handle emergencies? Is it equipped?

3. What level nursery is available? (Nurseries have ratings of I, II, or III. A level III nursery, neonatal intensive care unit, is equipped and able to handle any neonatal emergency. If the hospital only has a level I or level II nursery, and an emergency happens, it may require a transfer to a center who has a level III nursery.)

4. What types of monitors will they be using? Internal and external.

5. What is the nurse-to-patient ratio?

6. How often will the nurses change shifts?

7. Is there an obstetrician at the hospital 24 hours a day?

8. What support do they offer for those seeking natural childbirth?

Need more tips? Check out the complete list on Where To Find Care.com.

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