Monday, February 6, 2012

Why should you tell us about Care Stars you meet?

Why should you tell us about a Care Star? Why not? Nurses, physicians, assistants, chiropractors, therapists, volunteers, administrators take excellent care of us each and every single day. They dedicate their lives to improving the quality and experience of our health care encounters. Feedback from the people like you, who use health care, is critical to making our experiences even better. can help you share that positive feedback on persons who provide excellent care to their patients through our Care Stars program.

Everyone deserves recognition and praise for going above and beyond expectations. makes it simple and easy to get that word about. By sharing who exceeded your expectations you can help others choose better health care. Interested patients may also seek out those Care Stars for their own care. It happens everyday across other industries, from the hair salon to the auto mechanic, and now it's happening in health care.

Did you have a Care Star story to share? Tell us more here.

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