Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are you satisfied with health care?

Share Experience on Where To Find Care
Have you found a health care provider that you just absolutely adore and would like to share it with the world? The good news is you can do it-on WhereToFindCare.com. Whether it's a chiropractor, diabetes education class, or the visit you made to see your neighbor's newest baby, you can share your experience on WhereToFindCare.com.

Share with your neighbors the excellent health care providers in your community. Share them on WhereToFindCare.com.

About WhereToFindCare.com: WhereToFindCare.com supports transparency by providing consumers a no-membership venue to share their experience with others. Providers can also participate in the conversation by responding to comments, again, at no cost. We don’t believe anyone should profit from health care consumers and health care providers talking about improving health care. Visit http://www.wheretofindcare.com/ for more information.


  1. I haven't found a good healthcare yet but I know a great Houston cosmetic dentistry that could provide superior oral health care. All the dental procedures I had in this clinic is satisfactory.

  2. It's a good thing that my Chiropractor in Frankston covers even chiropractor session. It's very helpful since I go there regularly to have my bones checked up. Imagine how much it would've cost me if it wasn't covered by my health care insurance?