Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Write A Birth Plan

pregnant mom on where to find care
Having a baby is very special Just like all the planning that went into other big days in your life, you need to write a birth plan. A birth plan is a document that lists your preferences for the birth of your baby. You should write your birth plan early in your pregnancy. You'll need time to discuss it with your doctor. You’ll also need time to tour birthing centers and hospitals around you.
Here are some questions you will want to consider when writing your birth plan:
  1. Who do you want in the labor room?
  2. The delivery room?
  3. Do you want pain medicine?
  4. If so, what kind? Is there any medication you want to avoid?
  5. Are there any activities you would like for pain relief? Some examples: shower, whirlpool, massage, breathing exercises, relaxation music
  6. Do you want a water birth?Do you want to be mobile during labor?
  7. Do you want to be able to walk around?
  8. Did you want to stay in bed?
  9. Are there certain positions you want for the birth?
  10. Do you want to record the birth on video?Do you want a guest to stay overnight with you, if needed?
  11. Do you want your baby continuous monitored?
  12. What activities do you want to occur after the birth?
  13. Did you want to breast feed?
  14. Do you want the baby to stay with you?

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  1. I believe you have a good list but lacking some points that others may want to consider.
    1. Many men want to be involved in,not just the creation but also the birth of their child(ren).
    So I would suggest that your spouse be included in the planning.
    2. Depending on your proximity to a large medical center, midwives may be a vial option. Many states certify their midwives. They are associated with physicians and hospitals, and can offer a postive birthing experience.